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pseudo-interactive video art / software art

Original name is "questions". This is inter-medium artwork, meta-procrastination for people too lazy to do so. A simple script, which just emulates keypress and launches client-side programs and mainly ask quite abstract questions about life in thouse programs, in terminal, in browser on different websites, it browes goodle and play piano on emulator, creating meta-immersive expirience, with sound and video, which depend on real-time internet and is different everytime the script plays. This work is very poetic and personal, for example it includes question "why there are so many butterflies", because at the time of doing, summer of 2018, author was bombarder by moths and butterflies from room window for no reason, but even this type of personal and detailed questions plays nicely in such an abstract plot. It also uses popular tile window manager i3 and riced linux distro to reflect soothing nerdy environment. Timing is routhly 7minutes, it starts slow and shy and intecifies at the end, with sound of rapid electoric music and outloud tts read from google translator. This artwork was done during student times at Rodchenko Art School.